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Electric Vehicle Charging

ElectrAssure offers specialist services to design, install and maintain your Electric Vehicle Charging systems.

Sales of Electric Vehicles continue to accelerate and are increasingly a viable option for many organisations and individuals who want to reduce their vehicle operating costs and reduce emissions: the potential cost savings and environmental benefits are huge.

In 2013, our team of commercial electricians achieved the first every UK City & Guilds qualifications for the installation of electric car charging systems and by working with the market leading manufacturers, we have maintained that lead.

ElectrAssure is an OLEV Approved installer of Workplace Chargers.

Need practical expert advice to help choose and install an EV charging system?

As our EV Charging Systems Lifecycle chart below illustrates, we reduce the risk, cost and installation/response time by delivering in house the full lifecycle of services for EV charging systems .

Survey – Design – Installation – Commissioning – Maintenance

A detailed survey by a qualified experienced engineer will analyse your needs and site resources.

ElectrAssure’s design will carefully optimise the use of the available power on site – an approach that has saved tens of thousands of pounds on previous projects. Choosing from a range of manufacturers, an EV charger is selected that best matches your budget and your requirements.

ElectrAssure’s installation is fast, efficient and of exceptional quality. A multi-skilled team can complete the installation including groundworks, electrical and data, commissioning and bay marking in one visit. This reduces time, cost and disruption.

ElectrAssure offers on-line chargepoint management systems and call-fix maintenance services to maximise the availability of your chargepoints.

Flow Chart